Jan 26, 2017

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Ideas for Christmas Party Supplies and Favors

Christmas party ideas help you create a Pink Heaven Occasions Winter wonderland. Christmas is the number one holiday of the year and is definitely my favorite.

Not just about presents but, for me, about family and decorations that you get to leave up for a month! Keeping that festive party spirit alive whilst adding plenty of sparkle to everything.

You can either host a family party, a teen party or a kids party dependent on your family.

Parties can be hosted on Christmas Eve, Christmas night or Boxing Day. If this is not possible, what about the weekend before Christmas?

Christmas can also come in pink. I always go for a pink and silver color scheme at Christmas and my kids even have little pink Christmas trees!

So even if your family isn’t all girls, make sure you still sneak in a bit of Pink Heaven Occasions sparkle with cheap party supplies from the USA or UK.


If you’re inviting friends or family you will need Christmas party invitation ideas. A festive Christmas party idea for invitations is to make a tree decoration invite.

This can be done in a number of ways. The first, and my favorite, way would be to use a pink Christmas bauble and write the details of the party on the bauble in a silver glitter pen.

Another way would be to make your own shaped Christmas decoration, such as a star or tree, and write the party details on the back. Then punch a hole in the top of the invite and thread some pink ribbon through to tie onto the tree.

Another Christmas party invitation idea would to be to bake a batch of Christmas cookies, cover in pink icing and then using a silver icing pen. Simply delicious!

“Ho, Ho, Ho

This year the (family name) family is celebrating Christmas at our house at (address) on (date and time). Please come and join us at this special time of year which is all about getting together and partying!

Angels, Fairies, Father Christmas’ and even donkeys of all ages welcome to join in the true Holiday spirit.

Merry Christmas one and all. Hope to see you there.”

If you want to make some easy but professional looking invites then the Pink Heaven Party Angel recommends creating extraordinary free digital invitations in minutes at Smilebox.com! You can even add your own photos, video clips and music.


Christmas party decoration ideas are easy. If you have put up your Christmas decorations you have already done most of the decorating needed.A Christmas tree is always a good place to start. Decorated with baubles, tinsel, stars and, of course, topped with the Christmas fairy, all keeping to the pink and silver theme.There are plenty of other Christmas decorations that you can use, Father Christmas, holly, mistletoe, candy canes, ceiling trimmings, wreaths, garlands, this Happy Holidays banner (USA), candles etc.Pink fairy lights with these icicle lights (USA) outside the house.What about these unique

North Pole Lighted Column (USA)A unique idea for a Christmas party is to paint your window with a Christmas scene. In 2008 I painted Father Christmas and Rudolph. It’s so easy to do just draw a template on the window with a black marker then paint with the kids poster paint. Check out my 2009 Christmas Window of a snowman and Santa Claus!I also like to use fake snow on my windowsills and on top of surfaces, such as the fireplace, along with little silver bell garlands hanging from cupboard and units.Also add tinsel to everything you can stick it to!You can also add extra decorations for your Christmas party ideas such as these silver snowflakes (USA). Such as white tablecloths with silver snowflakes on and snowflake place mats.In the center of the table put a silver candelabra with pink candles or this pretty snowglobe (USA). Then sprinkle some pink and silver crystals all over the table and use this

Enchanted Christmas Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit (USA)Make sure you play Christmas carols or songs in the background such as this White Christmas CD (USA)If you are in the UK then check out these Christmas supplies


Christmas party ideas for fancy dress are plentiful and full of magical Christmas spirit. Also it’s not just little Pink Heaven Party Angels that can dress up, get the adults involved too:Our favorite idea for a Christmas party is, of course, the Pink Heaven Party Angel!

Remember, if anyone isn’t dressed up, cover them in tinsel and make them wear a paper party hat to join in with the Christmas party ideas.


If you are having your Christmas party on Christmas day then you would have already ate your Christmas feast so try out these other Christmas party ideas for food:


Although there will be plenty of Christmas gifts to play with, here are some of the Pink Heaven Party Angels favourite Christmas party game ideas::Pass the Christmas Present – As in pass the parcel but using a present wrapped in brightly wrapped Christmas paper.Charades – The traditional family Christmas game.Pin the Nose on Rudolph – Simply, Rudolph drawn on a large piece of card and a cut out big red nose ready to be pinned on by the each blindfolded player.Christmas Baking – Cookies, cakes and peppermint creams are all favorites.

Christmas Crafts: – Make decorations, snowflakes, crackers, candy canes and snow globes with items from your craft box.


If the kids haven’t had enough for Christmas (a rare possibility, I know!) treat them with these Chrismas party gift ideas, all put in a little pink stocking:

Remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for here then why not ask the Pink Heaven Party Angel, who is there to answer all your party questions. Or why not help others with their party planning problems by answering their questions!

Then once you’ve thrown your party let everyone know about it at YOUR parties, readers can then rate your party and give their comments. Your party could then help others searching for the perfect party idea, whilst giving your ideas the fame they deserve!

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